Our company “Ekin Aluminium” which has started its operations in 2010, has the following products manufactured in our factory and have them field assembled;

Aluminium door and window series,
Aluminium balcony railings,
Wardrobe doors,
Shower screens and similar products
Office partitions

Our innovative approach aims to always follow the developments in the sector to offer the most innovative products to our customers. The orders we receive from our customers are carefully manufactured by our quality oriented and experienced team in our manufacturing plant which is equipped with the latest technology.

Here in “Ekin Aluminium”, we aim to maintain our service standard at the highest level at all times by continually developing ourselves and our products with the aim of always maintaining our success at the highest level. Our company, to this day, has successfully delivered all the projects it undertook through qualified and unique work standards.

Following my 15 years of experience in the sector and a very successful 8 years with “Ekin Aluminium” I, Mustafa Dalgali, feel the rightful pride of offering our new products; Thermal Brake Aluminium Systems through our new company “7 Stars Aluminium Systems Pty Ltd.”

The Thermal Brake Aluminium Systems are imported from Turkey as our company being the sole authorised distributor and assembler for Cuhadaroglu brand in Australia. Since 1954 Cuhadaroglu which is the leading company in aluminium sector with its unique innovative and visionary systems, has successfully taken part in projects by offering innovative products both nationally and internationally as the holder of global standards and relevant certificates as a result of Research and Development (Ar-Ge) processes.

The reason why our company came about is to “develop and manufacture aluminium construction material in order to make life easy.”

To become a respected and widely known company that can meet our customers’ expectations completely and accurately.

We never sacrifice from quality.
We do our job with knowledge and stand by our work.
We keep our promises.
We always endeavour to achieve our principles.

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7 Star aluminium systems pty ltd which aims to create practicable conditions, and to provide fast, correct and dependable service by operating with an understanding of innovation and being a leader in the aluminium sector in a team spirit in line with our aims and targets, makes the following pledges;

To continually improve quality in order to provide quality products and services to its customers,
To improve customer satisfaction by continually meeting their performance expectations,
To implement change by following developments and innovations in the sector,
To develop our staff by providing training,
To comply with work safety, environment and all other legal liabilities,